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      Now offering P.E.M.F Medical Tourism

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PEMF Sessions have changed my life. Revitalife Clinic staff  in Dubai, have been wonderful in helping me and my family.  I have renewed energy,  my health has improved, pain and medication reduced. I am so excited to share PEMF with my family!  We trust Revitalife Clinic PEMF Specialists and staff & know they will treat our family with the highest level of care. "

- Joanne, Toronto Canada

  What does this mean exactly?
Escapee Cancer cells in the blood,

  or CTC's as they are known, can be found by a simple blood test.

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American Cosmetic Hospital.

What is PEMF ???

Cancer and PEMF - interesting article!
Follow us weekly for new updates on PEMF research and progress in the 'Health & Wellness' Industry.

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All new clients receive a complimentary one-hour consult with our Certified PEMF Specialists to establish a personalized care plan.

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EXCITING NEWS!!! As the North American representative Sifu Jocelyn Toy is excited to announce the newest in CTC Cancer testing via MAINTRAC GENOSTICS.

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P.E.M.F. = Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field

Optimizes cell function. When cells are working at optimal levels you may be a healthier!

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"He is a God gifted man, very gentle, kind and willing to help and very easy to approach him. I am fortunate to have met him and know him and learn quite a bit from him in Pulsating Electro Magnetic Filed therapy and energy medicine. Sifu Jocelyn Toy is wonderful to work with him and associated with him."

- Dr. Nagaram Reddy, MD
Family Physician at Grand Family Health Organization,

Ontario, Canada


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